Bino and Fino

An African Educational Cartoon

The Bino and Fino Nigerian educational cartoon was created to give parents looking for genuine African educational content for their children to watch more of a choice.

The Adventures of Kofi & Yaw

Everybody loves an adventure. We certainly do here at Bino & Fino. Adventures enable children to learn and discover the world around them. Without them, the world would be a very boring place indeed!

Enter ‘The Adventures of Kofi & Yaw: Yaw Goes to College on a Dragonfly,’ a book by Shana Day. The story revolves around a witty boy called Kofi and his companion Yaw, a magic dragonfly. Kofi is on a quest: to go to college. Along the way, he and Yaw encounter a lot of surprises and learn many things.

The book is an excellent tool in inspiring children to use their imagination and preparing them to start thinking about a college education.

Book release coming soon so keep your eyes peeled here

We can’t wait!


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