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Our students love the Bino and Fino Show! It keeps their attention while teaching lessons and values. It provides teachers and parents with another resource for multicultural teaching. Our Learning Center uses Bino and Fino as a resource tool to promote multicultural education throughout the curriculum. The Bino and Fino show is a great way to introduce African culture and history to young children. We are proud supporters of the Bino and Fino Show!
— Monica & Sandra Moore - Kidz Biz
As a parent and an African cultural educator, the importance of Bino and Fino cannot be overstated. Children in the African Diaspora have a limited selection of programming that positively and accurately reflect them. They don’t see themselves represented well in the general populace which could inadvertently send the message that they are not important enough. Bino and Fino changes that by putting a little boy and little girl front and center in their own adventures. The series also highlights the African culture and helps clear misconception of what “African life” looks like. We use Bino and Fino at the CAKE Village as part of our cultural programming resource and can’t wait for more upcoming episodes.
— Lande Sanusi - CAKE Village
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As a publisher I think Bino & Fino is that edcational children’s cartoon show that Africans both at home and in the diaspora will embrace. As a parent I feel comfortable watching, and I feel comfortable letting my children watch because I know every show can only take them closer to their roots.
— Antonia Mundi-Founder Maischna Magazine
We love Bino and Fino! And, we also enjoy the shorts on You Tube. My daughter watches the DVD and she is always happy to see Bino and Fino. She also learns a lot about African culture, which is important to my family. We want her to be proud of her African heritage and Bino and Fino has helped us to instill pride in her because she sees cartoon characters that she can identify with and that she enjoys watching. We are looking forward to DVD 2!! Keep up the great work.
— Allyson Neal-Author of Ava Book Series